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The Quick 'n' Easy 59 Second Survey!

OK, I've had a LOT of requests for souvenirs with the Change Your Stars! logo on them, or other memorabilia subscribers or visitors can order for themselves or as gifts.  Whether you'd be interested in ordering something soon or at sometime in the future, please look down the list below and select any and all items you'd be interested in seeing being made available through the website.  Check off as many items as you'd like!  And if you DON'T see something listed that you'd like, feel free to add your own comments at the end.

A survey in 59 seconds or less!  How much easier can it get?  Go for it!  And THANK YOU!

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Including your name and email address
will allow me the chance to contact you if I have any questions.

eMail Address:
Books - Compilations of Quotes
from the "Change Your Stars!" Archives:
Yes No
Journals: Yes No
Wrist Bands: Yes No
What Color: Red Blue White Yellow Green Other
Specify Other Color(s):
T Shirts: Yes No
Baseball Caps: Yes No
Tote Bags: Yes No
Messenger Bags: Yes No
Mugs: Yes No
Mouse Pads: Yes No
Greeting Cards: Yes No
e Cards: Yes No
Buttons: Yes No
License Plate Frames: Yes No
Magnets: Yes No
Bumper Stickers: Yes No
Comments and Suggestions:

Copyright © 2005-2013, Jace Carlton.  All International Rights Reserved.