The Shine On Foundation

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Our Mission
The Shine On Foundation is dedicated to nurturing and developing the artistic and creative endeavors of disadvantaged singers and songwriters of any genre, from around the world.  It is our goal to produce, record, and technologically support those who have demonstrated exceeding talent and the commitment to exploring a career in the arts.  Our music business professionals will demonstrate the tools and knowledge necessary for them to reach their individual goals in the music industry.

Our Future
Currently we are interviewing a number of prospective music business professionals that will serve as the Board of Directors for the Foundation.  These will not be salaried positions.  These board members will determine who will receive project funding from the foundation by reviewing submissions.  Each year we hope to be able to fund a minimum of two artist album projects at a minimum of $25,000 each,
and four songwriter projects at $10,000 each.

We have applied for tex-exempt status and will conduct various fundraising events throughout the year to assist us in meeting our goals.

We will accept artist submissions through our website with a mandatory donation of $25.00 per submission to help defray costs.

The Foundation will pay costs for studio, producers, engineers, musicians, etc.
We will apply for grants from the state and federal government,
as well as the National Endowment for the Arts.
We will also accept individual donations.

This is a one-of-a-kind Foundation, and will help to level the playing field for those who have exceeding talent but limited funds.
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