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Our Programs
       Our many programs are designed to help develop and nurture talented singers and songwriters from anywhere in the
world.  In these tough economic times, it is hard for artistic people to afford to chase their musical dreams.  The major record companies use to put up a spec budget for various artists to record their works, but given the turn about in the music industry, the record labels are not doing this anymore. Therefore, the total funding of album projects and single recordings is left to the artist.

       While many artists are turning to their computers and local basement studios for recording, the problem arises that the recordings are not up to standards for a real release. These recordings are lacking in content, experienced staff such as production and musicianship, as well as sound engineering. The artist is missing out on the benefits of a true producer, professional musicians, and overall artist development in the process. This difference can make or break an artists' chances overall.

       It is imperative that an artist is coached by his or her producer in the proper ways of phrasing, pitch, expression of emotion, style and so many other elements that feed into a professional recording of an artist.

       If an artist really wants to compete with the music that is being released worldwide, they must have the inside knowledge that only comes from experiencing it in a professional setting with professional people that have been making extraordinary music for a very long time.

       The Shine On Foundation has set forth several programs to assist Artists and Songwriters who have demonstrated exceeding talent but cannot afford to professionally record their music.

       The foundation will choose and assign all the professionals required to not only develop, but also enhance the artist’s performance. These professionals will also help define the genre the artist should pursue, as well as supply the tools and facility in which to perform and complete the artist’s projects. The education of a lifetime is being afforded the artist / songwriter by the foundation and its many music industry professionals.

       Our goal is to shine the light on deserving talented artists and songwriters who are economically challenged, and are worthy of our investing in their musical endeavors. Our programs range from partial to fully funding album projects.
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