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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
(especially when you share the same college major!)

Girl accuses guy of just using her as a substitute for his Mother

Each claims to have been oppressed in the relationship

One tries to bury the past, and accuses the other of trying to dig it up

"OH! Life is ... ENDED ... as we KNOW it!"

Both resign themselves to the fact that what goes up must come down

"Today was the end of an era. Jack, 19, and Jill, 18, called an end to their relationship of 2 weeks ..."

Women's Studies
"HE did it!"

Both decide that they're spending way too much money together, and that it's simply cheaper to be single.

Each party argues the breakup was caused by something the other party did in the past.

Both people decide to simply move far away to avoid each other.

One party demands more than the other can supply.

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