A Knight's Tale

The inspiration for this site came from the movie

"A Knight's Tale"

A Knight's Tale

If you're not familiar with the story,
it's about a poor thatcher's son who sees a parade of knights
riding proudly through the city square and, while being propped up on a stock by his father, confidently says, "Someday ... I'll be a knight."  A man locked up in the stocks below him overhears the boy and laughs, "A thatcher's son?  A knight?  You might as well try to change the stars!" (more laughter)  The young William asks his father, "Can it be done, father?  Can a man change the stars?"  His father calmly replies, "Yes, William.  If he believes enough, a man can do anything."  Young William becomes a squire to a knight and, through a twist of fate, gets his chance to prove he, himself, is worthy of knighthood.  Years later he returns home, finds his father, and affirms he has, indeed, changed his stars.

This site is for YOU!
If you believe enough,
you, too, can change the stars ... YOUR stars!

January 1, 1999

Under the subject "Something To Think About" that's the date I began sending out daily e-mail motivational / inspirational messages to my friends.  Slowly, over the next year and a half, the list grew until a very special friend, Susan Tucker of The Songwriter's Connection e-Zine out of Nashville, Tennessee invited me to contribute articles to her e-Zine and promoted my e-mail messages in her online newsletter.

Another friend, Ande Rasmussen of the Austin Songwriter's Group,  also promoted my e-mail messages in his newsletter Daily Inspiration for Songwriters.

These two promotions literally blew the lid right off the e-mail address list!  Instead of adding a few names a week I was adding 10 or 20 a day,  occasionally as many as 30+ addresses each day!  At that time the one day record WAS 49!  (see Update below)

One day I even received a message from a friend of mine, Tessa Graham, who had moved to London nine months previously, telling me she was also being forwarded my messages by three of her friends, none of whom were on my mailing list and not one of them lived in America!  My messages were being forwarded over and over around the world!  This was getting much bigger than I ever imagined when I began!

I also started getting e-mails from people telling me how particular messages had come "just in time"; a battered wife was given the courage to leave her abusive situation, a teen was inspired to stand up to "friends" who had recently turned on her and were trying to make her do things and go places she knew were wrong.

Several people were inspired to venture out into new careers, and many people have shared with me how their personal and business relationships have improved, a few have even gotten raises and / or promotions because of their improved attitudes at work.

I even met my "twin" when James Odle, Jr. from Texas signed on.  We began chatting about songwriting, sharing our latest efforts with each other for some honest critiquing, and within no time at all had established a great friendship and collaboration.  He's by far and away my favorite co-writer.

Some of the messages I've authored myself, some are anonymous (I do extensive research before I send out an anonymous message in the hope that I can I find the rightful author) and the rest I give full credit to the rightful author.

The full credit for any benefit from these messages, though, goes to people like you, the readers.  I claim no credit for people who've been able to change their lives because I'm merely the vehicle to bring these thoughts to others through this website and my daily e-mails.

Reading any particular message is one thing; taking action on what is read places all the credit on the reader for taking that action.  I might provide the inspiration, but YOU provide the courage and motivation from within your own heart.

Here's to you for just having the faith to try!

If you believe enough, you can change the stars ...
YOUR stars!  TM

Jace Carlton

Update: October 31, 2005

On June 1, 2005 another amazing event took place.  Ron Atchison found out about Change Your Stars! and, after looking through the archives, chose one of my quotes and shared it with his subscribers at, referring his subscribers to check out my website.  The record for sign-ups for my CYS! messages is 84 in one hour!!!  Not to mention what that created for one day!  Thanks, Ron!!!

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