Change Your Stars!

If you believe enough you can change the stars ... YOUR stars!  TM  -  Jace Carlton

Change Your Stars! is excited to announce our 6th Annual
International Change Your Stars! Month
January 1st - 31st
Our first ever ICYS! Month was officially recognized by the
2008 50th Anniversary Edition
of the internationally renowned
Chase's Calendar of Events!!!

(and every year since then, too!) 

I think we can all agree that New Year's resolutions don't work,
mainly because we don't stick with them long enough.
I'll be sharing ideas throughout this month to help us all make changes that can have
long lasting effects in our lives, thus truly being able to Change Our Stars!
Along the way we'll become better people, and we'll also be able to
become better influences on everyone around us!
Enjoy the following suggestions for making 2014 your

January 1st - GRATITUDE
Take time to ponder the events of your life in 2013
(and even further back if you'd like)
and make a list of those things that make the year different and special for you.
And if 2013 was a particularly difficult year for you
just trust that things will be better in 2014.

January 2nd - FAITH
Whatever it is that you want, that's good,
have faith that it will come to you this year.

January 3rd - BELIEVE
If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

January 4th - EXCELLENCE
By choosing to always do your best, not matter what,
you'll raise the level of quality of your life.
And you'll never have to second-guess yourself and say,
"If only I would have ____________."

January 5th - FOCUS
The more complete we can focus our thoughts and energy,
the better the results we'll have and the quicker they'll come.

January 6th - PERSEVERE
If your goal is worthy of your time and effort then NEVER give up!
You may never know who else is depending on you to achieve that goal!
You ARE important!

January 7th - DREAM
Always dream, and do whatever is necessary to keep your dreams alive!
They'll fill your days with purpose, and your life with hope!

January 8th - PATIENCE
We don't all have the same talents and abilities.  Some of us are better at some things, and not so good at others.  Strive to be patient with the shortcomings of others, and you'll discover that others are more patient with yours.

January 9th - TIME
We all have the same 24 hours in our days.  How we spend those precious hours and minutes determines how well we sleep each night and how alert we feel each morning.  Being true to ourselves and our passions in life will energize our spirit and each moment will be a richer experience.

January 10th - INTEGRITY
We can not get lost if we walk the straight and narrow path of integrity.

January 11th - WONDER
Begin each day of your life with a genuine sense of wonder!

January 12th - DARE TO SOAR!
Pull out all the stops, every single obstacle that's held you back until today.
This is a brand new day, a day like no other you've ever lived before in your life!  Make the MOST of it!

After you've done all you can and given all you have think kindly on yourself.
If you truly have maxed yourself out, then you can rest at the end of the day knowing that you've done your very best.

January 14th - PASSION
Live EVERY day with PASSION and PURPOSE!

January 15th - LISTEN
Listen to your heart ... it never lies!

January 16th - VISION
Look beyond yourself and your normal activities.  What can you do different that would make a difference in your life, or in the lives of those you love and care for ... even a stranger?

January 17th - BELIEVE!
So many people feel that they actually have to see something
before they can believe it exists.  If you want to transform the quality of your life you must first believe it can happen, and then you'll see the amazing results.

January 18th - GRATITUDE
Start each day by giving thanks for a new day and a new beginning,
because every day brings new opportunities and possibilities.
Then end each day by giving thanks for every blessing you've received.

January 19th - ENTHUSIASM
Whoever among us has enthusiasm will, more often than not,
accomplish more than those who have knowledge.

January 20th - HUMILITY
We don't know it all and we can't do it all.  That's why we have each other.
Let's link arms and hearts and together we can do SO much more
than any one of us can accomplish alone.

January 21st - THE PATH
Are we walking on our path or someone else's?  If we're following our path
we're fulfilling God's will and desires for us and we're blessing others by doing so.
If we're following the path that someone else chose for us we're not.
Who's path are we on?

January 22nd - CHAMPIONS
You don't have to win the game or the race to be a champion.
Actually, your only true competition in life is yourself.
If you strive to constantly improve, to make each day better,
to make someone else's load a little lighter,
and make someone's day a little brighter,
then you will be living the life of a true champion.

January 23rd - IMAGINATION
When was the last time we really let our imaginations run wild?
There's no harm in it, and who knows what wonderful things might come from it! We'll never know unless we try!

January 24th - SIMPLIFY
Too often we're slowed down in trying to reach a goal
simply because of too much detail along the way.
We need to eliminate the unnecessary and then we'll arrive at our destination more quickly and more energized!

January 25th - CHANCES
Chances are we haven't taken enough chances in our lives.
Have we been playing life too safe?
Without endangering our lives, what chance might we take today
that could enrich our life or the life of someone around us?

January 26th - CARING
When we care enough to give our very best,
we'll be blessed by receiving the very best from others.

January 27th - TODAY IS THE DAY!
Don't miss it!!!
Let's drop ALL of the mundane things we have the habit of getting caught up in and do something today that we've never done before or that we've been putting off "for a better day."  TODAY is that better day we've been waiting for!

January 28th - POTENTIAL
So much has been written over the ages about our untapped potential.
Let's not let another moment pass without discovering our true passions in life
and then taking action to fulfill them!

January 29th - SMILE!
It's truly amazing what a smile can do for someone else, especially a stranger.
They're free, so share one today!  In fact, why not share them all day long?!
Smiles are also great for reducing stress!

January 30th - THE GREATEST GIFT
The greatest gift we can give to others is our time, being totally absorbed in their world and the things they care about.  What a blessing it is to have someone in our life who we know really cares about us.

January 31st - FIND THE ONE
There is someone in your life right now who needs you.
It may be loved one, a friend, a co-worker ... yes, even a stranger,
for a stranger is simply a friend we haven't met yet!
Reach out to those around you and you will be a witness to miracles!


Have any special ideas or suggestions?
How about any special activities
to help celebrate this month around the world?
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Copyright © 2008 - 2014, Jace Carlton.  All International Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2008-2014, Jace Carlton.  All International Rights Reserved.